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David Sargent

Professional Photographer

TLDR: Check out my Photo Galleries Pages.

That's what I love to shoot.

Want the bigger picture? Read my story below.

As a photographer, I take pride in the art I create and enjoy sharing it with the world, but I shoot a variety of subject matter, so let me break down my history and current approach to photography. 

In 2011 I took a trip to New York and brought a cheap video camera with me. 60+ hours of train rides, 4 days in Manhattan all the while, my video recording was too quickly filling up my little memory card. So, I ended up only taking stills with it. I was 19 and was just discovering a new admiration of photography that would soon bloom into a passion and business. 

I've studied both photography and cinematography at Northern Michigan University, during which time I honed my skills and while I became a better photographer over the years, I also became better at listening to the needs of the lands and wildlife I loved taking pictures of. I have grown to walk with a deep respect for the earth I tread on. I never take for granted a moment with a Green Heron, Bald Eagle, or even a duck. 

I advocate for cleaner air, cleaner water, and have been vocal in my education about the effects of ever-spreading light pollution that destroys our great views of star-filled night skies. I advocate for proper wildlife conservation for my own photography-related endeavors, but for the long term health of all the ecologies I step into to photograph. The network of those ecologies and the sustained health and population of the hundreds and thousands of animal species around the state, and beyond, are more important than my interests in photographing them, but if we step lightly, and take care of our planet, they can continue to exist as we can continue to observe and appreciate them.

Photography has been a vehicle of education for me. I've been able to learn so much about the lands around us and the animals that inhabit them that I've grown to photograph them with a bigger sense of respect and urgency. When I go out to try and photograph a Belted Kingfisher, I only hope to see one, not expect it. The same goes for Sandhill Cranes, Bald Eagles, Beavers, and so much more. I walk into their homes to capture moments in time with them, but it is on their terms. I respect that everything I do leaves a mark on them. Even us just being there affects their behavior and I remain cognizant of that. I constantly work to reduce my impact on where I go. I stay on maintained trails as often as I can; I use a very long lens to both get a better shot, but to give my subjects enough space so that I don't interfere with their activity. I pick up litter wherever I go - it's easy to do and has a big impact over time. These are little things that I make a priority because together, they add up to a healthier world for all of us to live in. 

My approach to photography, while refined since 2011, is more simplified than ever. I photograph various subjects regularly. I'm out photographing wildlife weekly. I take trips specifically to shoot landscapes multiple times a month. I gear up for nighttime excursions to photograph a scene under a starry sky as often as I can find a clear night to do it. I shoot weddings and family portraits and something I've noticed is that my love of landscapes translates into more thoughtful portraiture with regard to how my subjects are interacting with the space around them. I enjoy capturing a bride and groom having their first dance, but I get a real satisfaction of photographing the reactions of their loved ones around them as the two dance together, embraced in each others' arms. There's real magic to crafting a scene that best portrays the relationship of your subject to their surroundings. Sometimes that story is more important than the subject itself.

You can find me most often in East Jordan shooting wildlife, or in Charlevoix photographing scenes at Michigan Beach. I've been known to take the occasional drive to the U.P. to explore new areas and lose myself in the wilderness that exists above the bridge. If you're more interested in what I do, get in touch. You can reach me on Instagram, Facebook, or with the contact form on this page.


So that's about it. If you'd like to support my work and want to purchase some artwork or one of my books for your home or for someone else, my Shop page is a great place to check out. I accept custom print requests when contacted, but my shop offers various ready-to-ship prints with rotating products over time. I use eco-friendly shipping materials that are, when possible, 100% recycled materials - just another way I do my part. I print up to 13x19" in-house to maintain a high standard of quality as I make efforts to maintain a hand-crafted vision for artwork of mine that ends up in houses of friends and family and fans alike. Bigger pieces need to be outsourced, but I choose high quality, well known suppliers for jobs bigger than I can do at the office.

I operate in the Charlevoix county area in Northern Michigan, but am willing to travel for events and private bookings. Feel free to message me with questions. If you're looking to learn more about photography, I offer personal lessons either in person or virtually via video calls. Just visit my Booking page and find an option that best fits you.