Light Painting on Presque Isle

Inspiration: Eric Paré For a few months now, I've been closely studying the images and techniques used by light painting master Eric Paré and with help from Leo Gardner at Reflections, I was able to finally attempt to emulate the master's style of light painting photography. We had been planning and coordinating a small light painting workshop here in Marquette, Michigan for about a month prior to Friday's event and slowly accumulating a few light painting tools here and there. We didn't have the EagleTac brand of flashlights that Eric uses, but we did have very similar clear tube guards and some construction paper to fit inside the tubes to add some interesting color patterns when we attach

Tips to Begin Photographing the Stars

If you're at all familiar with shooting in low light, you might know that it can be frustrating and difficult to get an image that holds visual interest and maintains technical quality. I'm going to share with you the experiences I've had and the lessons I've learned on my journey to becoming a better astrophotographer and all around better lowlight photographer as well as provide some tehchnical details for how different camera settings and gear can affect your image. Northern Lights over Lake Superior in Marquette, Michigan. Just as it takes patience and persistance to become acquainted with your camera during the day for all other types of photography, even my few years of shooting experi

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