35mm: Summer and Fall 2021

My first roll. Shot with a 60+ year old Fujica V2 rangefinder camera on Kodak Gold 100 expired in 1992. I received this expired film as a gift and plugged it into the Fujica V2 just to get the ball rolling. I had no idea if I was going to get any images at all when I finally dropped the roll off for development early April 2022. To my surprise, there were some images there and those shown above were the better images of the bunch I felt like sharing. Hove over each image for more information.

P.S. Try to ignore the obvious wild color shifts and processing inconsistencies. A combination of using 30-year expired film and this being new for me makes getting somewhat accurate color reproduction quite challenging, if possible.


Polaroids: 2021

I actually eased into film using a couple different Polaroid bodies first. These are a collection of Polaroids spanning from February to October 2021 using either the OneStep+ or an old SX-70. Some of these images are truly special for me and I really enjoyed shooting Polaroids over the course of this year. I do have more film and will continue to shoot Polaroids as I find scenes I think fits the medium.

Side note: I routinely brought along a Polaroid camera to nearly all the weddings I shot in 2021 (11) and provided exactly one pack of instant film to those clients, whether that was on the OneStep+ or the SX-70. Clients and their guests seemed to really enjoy my using that camera.