• A gorgeous morning on the Jordan River in East Jordan was complimented by a rolling fog that swept over the trees and created a very ethereal scene over the water. The sun was seen so plainly through the fog and reflected on the river nicely. The fog diffused the light and casted light rays through the trees that looks just as beautiful in print as it did in that moment. This print is initialed and numbered 1/1 as I rotate limited edition prints in my shop.


    Selecting the framed option will include the print shipping installed in a gallery style black modern frame. Increased cost represents both cost of the frame(s) in addition to higher shipping cost. Please allow for a slightly longer shipping time to accomodate for altered shipping methods with this option.

    Foggy Sunrise on the Jordan River: 12x18 Loose Print

    $80.00 Regular Price
    $40.00Sale Price

    David Sargent Photography © 2021

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