Appreciating Spring

It's been three months since my last blog post. When you were last here, you were reading about my time over the winter, having captured incredible ice formations on Lake Michigan, and Snowy Owls, but now it's June. We're getting close to summer and I'm getting some time here and there to go out and enjoy all the fresh new greenery that has popped up on areas that were covered in a foot of snow just this April.

Recently, I've been giving myself several opportunities to explore the Susan's Creek Nature Preserve just north of Charlevoix. This nature preserve is 223 acres consisting of a bit over 2 miles of trails that feature landscapes that vary between calm ponds, to open fields, to lush wooded, heavily covered sections and even some excellent areas that pass through and beside a nicely filled creek and marsh. The trails here are not difficult and are well marked, so I highly recommend them for a way to spend a couple hours in the day one weekend.

Because I've spent so much time here, I'm essentially going to cover what I've been able to capture in this area since I've visited on a monthly basis since the end of Winter.