Photography Workshops! Join us in June!

2019 is here and BIG announcements are in the air! Starting this year, I will be hosting photography workshops where I will be leading groups into amazing areas where all kinds of photography can be done. I feel confident that I have the know-how and the ability to teach groups, and even one-on-one sessions, all about the fundamentals of photography and provide people with the opportunities to photograph some awesome places. I mainly identify, and have the most fun, as a landscape photographer, so going forward, my workshops will be landscape photography oriented and will focus on the things you can do either in planning, or behind the camera, to take the best photos you can in any given situation.

So what am I talking about?

I want to teach you how to be the best photographer you can be. I want to teach you how to use your camera on manual mode, and teach you what weather patterns you need to be aware of for amazing sunsets and moody atmospheres. I want to teach you how to find dark sky areas and identify key features in the night sky. I want to teach you the ins and outs of landscape and night sky photography and show you what to do to capture landscape scenes in the day and night. There is so much to learn about landscape and night sky photography and I have knowledge and experience that I want to pass on to anyone who wants to come along with us.

The First Workshop: When, What, & Where

May 31st through June 3rd is going to be my first major workshop to kick off this new venture, and you'll want to consider coming along with us. I say "us" because I'm actually a co-host for this workshop as Ezra Coe from Coeffects Photography will be hosting this workshop alongside me. Ezra is a phenomenal photographer who's done some incredible work with portraiture and double exposures blending landscapes and portraits in captivating ways. I'm excited to be working with Ezra in bringing this workshop to life.