Progress Check: 2018-2019

Well, here we are. Winter again. It was winter when I first began to write up blog posts this time last year about my thought processes and the ways in which I believe I've made personal improvements with my work. Usually I like to compare my improvements from season to season but I can't help but think about how I might have changed in the last year. I suppose it might be important to take a look at some of my favorite images from 2018 and reflect on them as I see them.

I have to say, I'm pretty happy with what I've been able to do over the course of a year. What I love is the inclusion of more wildlife photography. Before last year, wildlife photography was generally out of my range, but recently, I committed to buying the Tamron 150-600 and while it's not the sharpest lens in my bag, this new access to that kind of focal length has allowed me to get incredibly close to some of the wildlife I've loved watching for years. I enjoy watching Bald Eagles, and wandering deer, and tracking uncommon birds across the sky. These are just a handful of my favorites; I have even more that I would consider portfolio-worthy, and to me, that's an incredible feeling to have tangible evidence of my improvement and my satisfaction with the effort that goes into this profession. Zero dollars have been made out of my wildlife shots, but I am entirely happy with the images I was able to take last year involving wildlife and that is okay with me right now.