Workshops 2020: Past and Future

Detour Landscapes and Night Sky Workshop 2020

Detour 2020 came and went in such great fashion, I'm already looking forward to next year's adventures under DeTour's dark skies. I'll make this recap quick: This year, I hosted this workshop on my own with 7 attendees and we had an awesome time. We got two good nights for astrophotography opportunities, some light rain for great atmospheric shooting, and some great sunrise and sunset photography time as well. Every attendee got ample time to photograph beautiful dark skies with the milky way gloriously showing off for us over Lake Huron.

Three nights camping up there is always a good time. The hands on teaching I get to do with each of our attendees is really fun and when things start to click and people start getting images that make their eyes light up, that's when I really get something out of the workshop myself. It's a very fulfilling feeling, providing guidance and knowledge to the community of photographers I enjoy networking with. Regardless of skill level, everyone had a great time and learned something new.

Newly Announced Upcoming Workshop:

Marquette Landscapes, Woodland, and Fall Foliage

This might sound like a shameless plug, but that's because it is; my second major workshop of the year is coming up. November 7th-9th is going to be a couple awesome days of relaxed, fall photography. Here's the overview: Rippling River Resort Campground in Marquette is excited to have my hosting this workshop and I am too. We'll pull up to check in on Saturday November 7th, get settled in, and scout the area; that just means walk around the grounds and get familiar with the lay of the land. Just a short walk from the cabins we'll be staying in is a trail in the woods that leads up to Carp River. This is a river that has some unique little features including a great area that widens out with room for a few photographers to spread out get some great compositions. The fall foliage should be in full force by this time and it is gorgeous both over the river and throughout the wooded area.

By the first day, we'll have acquired some idea of the compositions we hope to shoot, we'll get comfortable in our cabins and by the next morning on Sunday, we'll get up early and go check out the river. Conditions for photography tend to be more appealing in the early morning and evening light, AKA the golden hours. However, this time of year, depending on cloud coverage, we can likely expect wet conditions (it's Michigan, so snow isn't out of the question either). The cabins are small, containing just one queen bed and one bunk bed each, so ideally, three people can occupy each cabin; this is the reason why I'm limiting this trip to less than 10 people this time around; that, and I'd like not to have too big a crowd for the areas we'll be shooting in. These cabins are heated, equipped with WiFi, and are nearby a shower room, so comfort is totally part of this deal. Marquette in general is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes Michigan has to offer, so leaving the grounds to explore areas like Blackrocks at Presque Isle Park, or Sugarloaf Mountain could well be part of the agenda upon group discussion. For now though, the plan is to stick to the grounds and keep things easygoing.

Attendees will be expected to bring their own bed-linens, food, and necessities very similarly to how the DeTour workshop is run, the difference being, we'll have a cabin rather than tents to keep us warm and dry. If this sounds like the incredible amount of fun I know it will be, consider signing up with the link below. $350 reserves your spot for this amazing weekend photography getaway.

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