Fall Photography Workshop: Recap

On October 16th, adventures in Marquette began when two attendees, myself, and my good friend Korey arrived at home base - Rippling River Resort Campground. If you follow my work closely, you may remember this as a location I return to in efforts to capture fall color. Korey and myself bunked in one cabin while each of the workshop attendees claimed their own cabin. When we arrived, it was easy to see we were going to have a good time. The colors were really coming in close to peak while the weekend also provided absolutely perfect weather for us to comfortably photograph the best the area had to offer.

Day 1: The First Evening

After settling in, I wanted to take the group for a walk down into the woods to have them set their eyes on our primary shooting location for the following morning. Scouting an area to get an idea for possible compositions and subject matter with the intention of being prepared for a later return is always a good idea. Of course, we're all photographers, so while we scouted, the cameras were also coming along. I didn't take any keepers on this evening, but I had really enjoyed leading our small group down and talking about ways I would approach photographing this area, pointing out objects and possible compositions for the next morning.