New Year, New Gear!

It's official. I'm running all mirrorless. I didn't really put this out there, but a few months ago I sold all of my Nikon gear to a popular online photography retail site and put a preorder in for the Sony a7IV. You've probably seen me mention it on Instagram, but I received my a7IV the day before Christmas Eve and now I'm geared up with the a7III and the a7IV. I just wanted to use this post as a quick note of my first impressions of the camera. Let's begin.

The Internal Differences

If you're a current a7III user, you'll be happy to know that there are more improvements than you might have thought. The new camera comes with a new 33mp sensor, an updated BIONZ processor, and an even better autofocus system which includes now a Bird AF mode in addition to Animal AF. IBIS is also apparently half a stop better than in the previous camera and Sony also claims better battery efficiency. 4K 60 video (in Super35 mode) is available, as well as a new video profile called S-Cinetone. The EVF sports a 3.68 million dot screen which is about 50% more resolution than in the A7III. The image buffer is much much deeper, and among many more small changes, the a7IV comes with Sony's new menu system.