Open Call To Artists: Image Critiques

Earlier this week I opened my email up to anyone who would like to send me images for a proper written critique, from one artist to another. I believe that having your work critiqued by other artists is one of the best ways to get an idea of where you stand - not necessarily compared to anyone else's work, but in the eyes of someone whose opinion you value and who you know will give their best effort to understand your work and your perspective. I consider it highly respectful - even in the form of comments on social media posts, when someone leaves a comment with remarks about what they appreciate in the image, how it makes them feel, or even what they don't like about the image. The most important aspect of the critiquing process is learning from it and making note of what room there is for improvements is critical to personal and professional growth.

Without further delay, the two featured artists for this month are Kent Babb and Christopher Kelly. Kent sent in two images that I think are really nice. The first image is of the "Pineapple Fountain" in Charleston, SC and I really like it.