Shooting with a Polaroid: Learning from Failure

For the first time, I took my new Polaroid OneStep+ out in the wild to do some woodland photography and to begin to understand just how the process of shooting with instant film works. Let me just preface this by saying those couple hours were the most fun I've had with photography in a very long time. The images I got could be labeled as complete junk and that would be, in my mind, a fair assessment, and I'm happy with that. Let me tell you why.

Planning and Arriving

First, I'll paint a quick picture. I left my house around 9am on a chilly winter morning. A good amount of snow had accumulated from the non-stop snowfall the day before, so my intent was to get to Driggers Nature Preserve here in Charlevoix with hopes of seeing snow-covered trees as the wind was quite calm now. As I pulled up, I was less enthusiastic because it became apparent that not much snow had stuck to the trees I was most hoping would. Driggers has these fantastic old maples that are large and twisted that, I think, would have been great targets had their branches collected some snow and kept hold of it. So, right away my plan was out the window, but that never stops me from pushing forward.