Winter's End - 2019

Another check-in for another season; here we are ushering in Spring with open arms. The snow has almost fully melted off, the lakes leave very little ice floating on the surface, and the BIRDS are migrating back! On top of that, in the astrophotography world, the Milky Way Galaxy's core is starting to show itself in the early morning pre-dawn hours. This is probably my favorite time of year as so many new photographic opportunities are literally growing around us. During the first major melt-offs of the beginning of Spring, I spent a few days at the peninsula of Fisherman's Island State Park, capturing sunsets, sunrises, and tracking the progress of the lake ice melting away. Here are a few images from my time spent there:

While it's been great photographing the end of Winter, it has been even better watching my garden plants come back to life, little by little, every day with the warmer days and Spring rains. With Spring comes the return of migrating birds and I've been happily photographing some of the more photogenic flyers on the Jordan River. Here's a gallery of some images I've taken of various ducks and geese and other flying wildlife in the mornings:

I'll surely be going back some more as I've watched the sandhill cranes fly in and out a few times, unsuccessfully photographing them. As for astrophotography, I've had the chance to photograph the night sky and milky way core a couple times already, which is a great start to the season for me!

Before I sign off, I should mention the availability of a