Workshop Recap: DeTour 2021

Another year of fun in DeTour is in the books. This year we had a smaller group, but made the most of our time hiking trails, shooting in the rain, waking up for sunrises and staying out late past sunsets, as is the name of the game on these workshops. Instead of breaking down a day-by-day, I'll cover the types of photography we got to spend time doing and show lots of my own images to help visualize what we got into that weekend.

Landscape Photography

This is an easy category to begin with because this area is ripe for selections of landscapes to shoot. Whether you prefer the woods or the creeks, lake, and beachside, compositions are everywhere to be found.

I came away with three images that I'm comfortable sharing, but honestly I really only like to call the one featuring the lighthouse a successful image. I absolutely love the way the cloud bank dwarfs the strip of land and the lighthouse. The colors were gorgeous and the lights in the clouds reaching the top of the bank just had me mesmerized. T