Workshops 2020: Recap and Upcoming

Detour Landscapes and Night Sky Workshop 2020

Detour 2020 came and went in such great fashion, I'm already looking forward to next year's adventures under DeTour's dark skies. I'll make this recap quick: This year, I hosted this workshop on my own with 7 attendees and we had an awesome time. We got two good nights for astrophotography opportunities, some light rain for great atmospheric shooting, and some great sunrise and sunset photography time as well. Every attendee got ample time to photograph beautiful dark skies with the milky way gloriously showing off for us over Lake Huron.

Three nights camping up there is always a good time. The hands on teaching I get to do with each of our attendees is really fun and when things start to click and people start getting images that make their eyes light up, that's when I really get something out of the workshop myself. It's a very fulfilling feeling, providing guidance and knowledge to the community of photographers I enjoy networking with. Regardless of skill level, everyone had a great time and learned something new.